Hard Choices Ahead About War…

Does Obama have the strength to put his money where his mouth is?  Words mean things…

The Weekly Standard – A War Grows in Afghanistan

The short story: Afghanistan is heating up.  During the campaign, Candidate Obama called Afghanistan a just war and argued that Bush dropped the ball there.  Now, President Obama is going to be faced with having to take decisive action to win the war and it appears that he is already making noise about not putting enough troops there.

I think this is once again where the Obama Administration is going to learn that governing is once again much harder than campaigning.  I’ve been debating writing a post outlining The Obama Doctrine, or how President Obama approaches foreign policy, which is to flounder and flail about and show everyone the depth of your inexperience.  Maybe this issue will provide me another great example.

I pray I’m wrong.  We need to win every conflict that we are involved in for all of our sake.  But I don’t think that I am.


One thought on “Hard Choices Ahead About War…

  1. Rebecca says:

    I agree, Shane. It is also unfortunate that he is making us look so weak and inexperienced, as well as apologetic for our past military actions. He is just setting America up to not be taken seriously and we cannot allow that to be the case!

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