Like a kid looking forward to Christmas…

I’m looking forward to this fall’s new video game releases.  I’m gonna run down a few of them here, lest people begin to think I’m only interested in politics.

First on the list is “Wet“, a heavily stylized 3rd person shooter starring a woman for hire who carrys a sword, two guns, and flips around like a ninja.  In addition to the three things I like in general (women, guns, and ninjas), I’m pretty curious to get into the feel of this video game.  The retro-70s look with nods toward a Western theme is something that is often described as  “Quinten Tarantino-ish”.  I’m not a huge Tarantino fan, but Desperado was awesome and this game appears to capture some of that feel.  “Wet” was developed by Artificial Mind and Movement, distributed by Bethesda Software, and is available on September 15.

Second on the list is “Assassin’s Creed 2“.  This is obviously the sequel to “Assassin’s Creed”, one of the most successful games on the Xbox 360 platform ever, aside from the Halo series.  Its the fastest selling new video game intellectual property in North America, EVER.  The original “Assassin’s Creed” is the first video game that I played from start to finish and actually completed in a long, long time.  The main character is an assassin named Altair during the time of the crusades.  Well, actually, the main character is named Desmond Miles, and its set around 2012.  Nevermind, read the Wikipedia page and figure it all out.

“Assassin’s Creed 2” fast forwards to the Italian Renaissance during the time of Leanardo Da Vinci.  As with all sequels, the graphics appear to be better, there are more weapons and better fighting options, and just more to the game in general.  One of the reasons I like sequels, coming from a game development background, is that usually a large part of the team is brought over to work on the new game, so the team as a whole is more experienced in all aspects of development.  When you have a new series of games coming out, often the first one is staring down the barrels of a limited budget and a need to release ASAP, but once an intellectual property has shown to be profitable, things loosen up a bit.  To bring this full circle, if “Wet” doesn’t suck, I hope they make a sequel to it.

What made the first game so fun was the non-linear game play, combined with the action game play.  You got to sneak around and kill people from the shadows.  You got to get into fights with the guards in public, scattering the populace and littering the ground with bodies.  Plus, you got to climb buildings and run around rooftops like a ninja.  The sequel promises to allow more of the same, and I’m pumped.  “Assassin’s Creed 2” is written by Ubisoft Montreal, published by Ubisoft, and is available on November 17th.


2 thoughts on “Like a kid looking forward to Christmas…

  1. GregM says:

    Great. Just when I get myself weaned from video games you go an post something that makes me want to start again. You got me hooked on Half Life and I played the entire series. Multiple times. On the hardest level. Without cheating. The last 1st person shooter I played was Doom3. I play with headphones on so I get almost total immersion in a game. I was never genuinely scared in a video game as I was in Doom3. That game was just a bit much. Might have to invest in a XBox360, though…..

  2. Shane says:

    Man, I played the downloaded demo of Wet last night. AWESOME. Too much fun. This chick can run up to a bad guy, push kick into a back flip off of the guy’s chest, and then shoot him with both guns in slow mo while she back flips. And you regain health by drinking a swig of hooch and then shooting the bottle out of the air. This game’s got STYLE.

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