Crazy Old Coot at the End of the Street Shakes Cane, Calls Everyone Racists

Oh wait, that was former President Carter.

Its a link to HotAir, because I couldn’t get the original MSNBC video to embed in this blog.

Sad.  Very sad.  It’s sad that a former President actually thinks like this.  Its no wonder we barely escaped the 70s with double digit inflation, high unemployment, and the rise of the modern Islamic terrorist movement.  It’s sad that I can’t disagree with the current President’s policies without being called horrible names.

On the flip side, its good that the Left is coming this unhinged.  I think that means we are winning in the arena of ideas.


2 thoughts on “Crazy Old Coot at the End of the Street Shakes Cane, Calls Everyone Racists

  1. GregM says:

    To be fair, Carter inherited the foundations of the economic problems that happened during his tenure. There was nothing anybody, not even the great Ronald Reagan, could have done to stop it. It just had to run it’s course, much like the mess we are in right now.

    Yes, the left is coming unhinged, but the right is in the same territory. At times it seems like there is no “common sense middle ground” in the decision making process; there is only extreme. And if you don’t agree with one perspective, you get branded a hater, racist, socialist, communist, fascist, etc. Why can nobody seem to find a spot in the middle, where common sense meets compassion, where fiscal responsibility is the driving force with a budget, where war is ugly and difficult to engage in but fully embraced when undertaken?

  2. Shane says:

    I will concede the point that presidents have a lot less to do with the economy than we give them credit for. However, there is no argument that a president’s tax policy can have a substantial effect on the economy (if implemented by congress), and Carter did nothing to help the situation. And he was horrible on foreign policy, which presidents have a substantial effect on.

    Now, be careful painting both the left and right as being unhinged. While politics isn’t like the Karate Kid (“Karate Yes, Ok. Karate No, Ok. Karate eh, squish like grape”), people have often rejected middle of the road politicians. Despite how they were painted, the last several Republican candidates/presidents have not been hard conservatives. Bush was conservative on the war effort, and fairly liberal everywhere else. McCain was the king of capitulation and getting along. Dole was a squishy middle as they came.

    You also have to take care when painting all viewpoints with a broad brush. There is a difference between politician’s (and political candidates) and pundits/entertainers. Someone like Rush Limbaugh can say something outrageous, and that’s different than Nancy Pelosi saying something outrageous.

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