I Hate…

Child rapists.  Pervs.  Baby rapers.  Whatever you want to call them.  We have a lot of names for them.  Sometimes we even call them “Director“.  Or “Teacher“.  Regardless, they have been in the news lately.

On the Roman Polanski thing: seriously, how can anyone defend this guy?  He plead guilty then fled the country prior to being sentenced.  There is no more “alleged” in front of “baby raper” now.  Details just came out from an interview he gave back during his first year of living abroad, chock full of quotes I won’t repeat here.  Read the grand jury testimony that was just recently unsealed.  If you can find yourself arguing that we should not be arresting this douche, you have a serious moral flaw.

The other thing you have to worry about is that the recidivism (that’s fancy talk for “doing it over again”) rate for baby rapers is really high.  These guys don’t stop.  Ever.  I don’t believe for a moment that he stopped “fancying young girls” when he ran off to Europe, and I wonder how many other victims there were that we’ll never know about.

The Kevin Jennings story brings up a slightly different issue with regard to baby rapers.  How in the name of all that is holy did a guy who committed what probably was a crime (Google “mandatory child abuse reporting laws”), but was at least another INSANE lapse of judgment with regards to the safety of CHILDREN, get named the Safe Schools Czar?  I work for a small police department, and I know that their background check, which I can only assume is not nearly as thorough as a Federal background check.  And it was in his book!  So either 1) the administration was so incompetent they did not even do a cursory background check on Jennings, or 2) they allowed him to serve despite this lunacy.  Either one is unacceptable.

Finally, in good news on the baby raper front, Jessica Lunsfords killer, John Couey, died of natural causes today.  Good.  We can stop the slow march to his inevitable death at the hands of the state.  Anyway, they only state he died of “natural causes”.  I can presume that means “natural causes” as in “sickness and old age”, as opposed to “natural causes” – “beaten to death” or “injection of potassium chloride into the bloodstream”.  After all, its perfectly natural to die when those sorts of things happen to you.


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