More Video Game Fun

In which I review Wet, and preview Borderlands.


First off, a brief review of Wet, which I’m currently playing through.

I’ve only had the game about a week, and I’ve played about 1/3 of the game through, so bear this in mind.  Not that I have much bad to say about the game.  On the good, side, I dig the intense action, shoot everything that moves play style.  Every chapter thus far has included some sort of jumping, climbing, or acrobatics placed puzzle, but these puzzles are surrounded by a body count that is more than enough to satisfy the bloodlust of your normal shooter playing gamer.

The developers often compared their game to a Tarantino movie, and they were not kidding in the slightest.  The heroine, Rubi, very well could have stepped straight out of Kill Bill.  She duel wields guns and carries a sword across her back.  She possesses sleeve tattoos and drinks.  And she flips around like a ninja on crack.  During the cut scenes, she is revealed to be as ruthless as she is talented.

The voice acting is also pretty good.  Eliza Dushku’s lines sometimes ring a bit hollow, but Malcolm McDowell nails it as the bad guy.  Not shocking, since that is what Malcolm McDowell does as a matter of habit.  Seriously, this guy made “Dr. Calico” scary sounding in Bolt.  Which, if you have kids, is well worth watching.  Over and over and over… but I digress.

What I am not sure I like about the game is the difficulty.  I’m unsure about this because I’m not playing on the powderpuff level, but whatever cool label they have tacked on “normal”.  I consider myself an experienced enough gamer where I should not have to play something on the lowest level of difficulty to enjoy myself.  However, some parts of the game seem to be a little rough on the player, and these parts aren’t necessarily ones that would be effected by the difficulty setting.  Not to give anything away plot-wise, but there is a sequence that literally has you memorize your way through a “maze” of sorts that will take you several tries to get right.  And a mistake leads to instant death and a restart of the sequence.

My only other complaint is that the controls are sometimes a bit wonky feeling.  Do to the fast action and such, you may be trying to jump Rubi in one direction and instead end up jumping in another direction.  This sometimes leads to your instant death as you plummet off a building.  Its not a deal breaker, but again, I’m experienced enough as a gamer where I should not be having control issues with the main character.

Overall,  the game is highly enjoyable if you like games like this.  Like I said in my little preview rundown, this game has got STYLE.


I did not mention Borderlands during my last video game roundup because I frankly had not heard about it.  I’m not much for reading gaming industry publications these days, and this game had escaped my attention.

Borderlands takes place in a post-apocalyptic style setting that is very reminiscent of the Fallout series of games, and apparently possesses the same style of black humor so well utilized by the Fallout games.  Both of these bode well for me, in that I love all of the Fallout games.  This is probably most evident in the “Behind the Scenes” promotional video for the game that makes an obvious nod towards Christian Bales losing it on the set of the last Terminator shoot.

The game is also supposed to allow up to four players to play cooperatively, and each can select a different kind of character.  Borderlands is calling itself a role-playing shooter, allowing the character to improve its abilities and stats through an experience based system.

What I’m also interested in is the random weapon and creature generation this game.  Apparently when a bad guy drops a weapon, or when your character finds a weapon, the weapon stats are randomly generated.  Thus, not only has the game got added replay-ability, there is no end to the craziness of combat.  Some guns are even supposed to fire healing rounds, which would make squad based combat very interesting.

Which brings me to one of the requirements of shooter games in my world: bloody mayhem.  From what I’m reading and watching about this game, it promises to deliver quite a bit of that.  Which is cool by me, because I don’t play video games to raise a farm or take care of a fish tank.  I play video games to kill bad guys and break things.


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