Fitness – the backstory

So, I have to blame the start of this move towards fitness in my life on my wife.  If I thought about it too much, it would probably make me sad as its one more step in what has been her 10-plus year plan to domesticate me.  But I get cookies and pats on the head periodically, and I have stopped making messes on the rug.

Anyway, last year she trained and ran the White Rock Half Marathon with Team Worldvision.  Our church is very involved in mission work in Africa, and a large number of our members ran to raise money for that cause.  Team Worldvision provided a marathon training schedule and everything, and she has always liked running (probably has a lot to do with her being long legged and naturally able to run like a gazelle – I’m more built like a penguin).  So she signed up, trained up successfully, and completed it.

While doing so, she read a book called “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. She encouraged me to read it as well, as it effectively makes the argument that human beings have a physiological and anthropological history as running animals.  This was interesting to me, as I hate running.  I couldn’t understand just pounding the pavement for miles on end with no real goal.

Then, she double crossed me into signing up for The Warrior Dash.  It was quite simple, really.  Since she knew that I couldn’t see running without a purpose, she suggested the 3.2 mile obstacle run, and showed me the website.  Truth be told, it looked like a lot of fun.  Then, the very next day, she called me.  The conversation was pretty short: it consisted of her asking me if I wanted to run it with friends.  When I told her that I would, she said that her friends and their husbands had just signed up for it, and pointed out that when you sign up you get assigned to a “wave”.  And that if we wanted to run with them in the same wave, we had to sign up right then.

So we did.  Later, I wondered if I was Jedi mind tricked into it.  But then I got a cookie and everything was okay.    I was committed, and now I had to train.  So I started the Couch to 5k program using this iPhone app.  And I started reading “Born to Run”.  Maybe I will review both these items in later posts.

Which is how I found myself going from having a nebulous fitness goal of “I don’t like being fat and want to decrease my chances of dying early” to getting off of my butt and working out three days a week.


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