Why I post fitness things to Facebook

Early on I started posting fitness entries on Facebook.  The C25k app did so with just a click of a button.  And I started talking about my goals there.  One of my friends jokingly referred to it as “Shane’s daily fitness guilt trip” or something of the sort.

But that’s not why I do it.  Its a form of motivation for me.

Everyone knows now that I’m trying to become more fit and reach some achievable goals.  Everyone knows when I complete another C25k workout, or a milestone in the Insanity workout, or when I lose weight or gain muscle.

And more importantly, everyone will know if I quit.

I hate quitting.  I hate having to admit that I failed at something.  So when I’m standing there, not feeling good, trying to will myself to work out when I really don’t want to, I’m faced with a choice:

“What’s worse?  The workout I’m about to do, or admitting to the world that I failed.”

And then I work out.


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