Insanity Review Part 2 – Second Half Wrap-Up

I laid on the floor, a sweaty, quivering mess.  My mouth was salty with the taste of my sweat.  Or was it tears?  Or blood?  I didn’t truly know.  Winston stood over me, smiling a cruel smile.  On his head he was sporting lime green troll hair, and he was wearing a tiki icon around his neck.  The tiki icon reminded me of the one from the Brady Bunch.  In one hand he held a trident, in the other he was palming Shaun T’s severed head like a basketball.  He said “Congrats, it is finished”, then laughed maniacally.  Was I dreaming?  No, I finished Insanity.

This will be my review of the second half of the Insanity workout.  For the first half, look here.

The Results

The results are pretty dramatic.  I won’t be posting my before/after pics, as my skin is white enough to blind even most Internet people.  I can’t help that I’m so German.  However, I will tell you a few things about what changed for me.

First, I did not lose any weight.  But its been drastically redistributed.  My arms, chest, and shoulders are much larger, and my legs are incredibly well defined.  My waistline has shrunk dramatically.  My face is a lot thinner.

My cardio and speed are up as well.  I ran a mile this morning, testing out my new Merrell Trail Gloves.  Before Insanity, when I ran my mile times were in the 11-12 minute range.  This morning, it was 9:20 sec.  And I felt like I could keep going forever.  As I increase my distance in the barefoot shoes, we will see how that changes, but I’m feeling like its not going to go down that much.

What I Did Right

I worked out consistently.  In the whole program, I missed only two days.  One day I burned out about 15 minutes into the workout and finally just had to push the “stop” button on the DVD.  I will likely do a blog post about that some day, but suffice to say that I had reached my body’s burn out point and needed a break.  Listen to your body.  The second time was after some long days at work and I just needed the hour extra of sleep in order to make it through another overnight shift.  Missing two days out of a 63 day program is pretty consistent.

I also applied myself in the workouts.  I was often sore the next day, which in a 6 day a week program means I was usually sore every day.

What I Did Wrong

I did not modify my diet any.  I eat a relatively low carb diet that tends to focus more on the good carbs – like whole grains.  But I eat the occasional cheeseburger and fries.  And sometimes with my schedule and the kids I would end up fixing the good ol’ Hamburger Helper, which is not the most diet friendly meal in anyone’s pantry.  I did not change what I ate just because I did not want to.  After having done the program and seen the results, I wonder how much smaller my gut would be now if I had followed the plan.

I did not have a heartrate monitor.  I don’t necessarily think I did this “wrong”, but it would have been very helpful to have the monitor in these workouts.  That way I could tell if I had hit or passed my target heartrate, and therefore I could take that break, or if I was just being a bit of a wuss.

What’s Next?

I’m going to begin a running/cross-training program to prepare myself for my fall obstacle races.  I will likely alternate running with some of the Insanity max workouts.  I’m going to play the next part by ear a bit, which will be a refreshing change from the regimen of C25k followed by Insanity.


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