The Barefoot Transition has begun

A short time ago I bit the bullet and bought me some sweet looking Merrell Trail Gloves. 

Take a look at this hawtness:

Minimal. Sexy. Just like me.

I was dying to ditch the shoes completely and run barefoot, but the scorching pavement around here makes that impossible.  Plus, I really dig running trails and gravel roads.  So I got these shoes.  At $110, they are on par with the cost of other good running shoes.

So far, I’ve done three runs in them, and I’ve worn them out and about several times.  I will do a longer review after I’ve put some serious miles in them, but the first impression is that they are great.

The transition itself is going okay.  I think I did some good prep work – I was running in a pseudo “reduced” cheapo shoe before, and I was working on a midfoot strike in those shoes. I had already increased my cadence and shortened my stride.  I also shed the shoes and have been doing some of the exercises in “The Barefoot Running Book – Second Edition“.

My first and third runs were good.  One mile each, both at easy paces.  The second run left me with cramping, sore calves, and I couldn’t even finish it. I believe I was so focused on the midfoot strike that I wasn’t letting my heel touch the ground.  Running on your toes is not a good idea, for the record.

For all of my breathless fans, I will keep you posted on the progress.

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