5 miles and Joe Biden

I just ran five miles.  And by just ran, I mean I’m still sitting here in my own funk.

To paraphrase Joe Biden, a politician I don’t care much for at all, this is a big effin’ deal.  NSFW language warning on the video below.

Why is this a big deal?  I’ve never run 5 miles before.  Its a milestone.  The most I’d ever run before was a fun run in Pennsylvania with my wife as she trained for her half marathon.  At about 4.86 mi into the run, I bowed out and did calisthenic stuff.

Its not a big distance.  But it was to me, because it represents a small step in the forward journey I’ve been taking this year.  A journey towards breaking boundaries, changing my life, and all that.  A year ago, “I’m gonna run to the corner store” meant getting in the car and going.  I can now do it on my own two feet.  Three times in a row without stopping, actually.

Small part of the story is why I ran 5 mi.  I did it because the running schedule said I had to, if I want to be able to run the 8 mi that is the Spartan Race course.  For anyone that is on the fence, this shows you one small way that races matter, they make you set goals and attain them.

So if you feel like it, raise a glass to me tonight.  I will.

And next week its 6 mi.


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