What I learned from doing Insanity

I had a conversation with a friend the other day.  It dealt with them getting ready to embark on the Beachbody P90X program, and I spoke highly of Beachbody’s Insanity program, which I did this summer.  The other person was curious as to why I didn’t move on to doing Insanity:Asylum, or the upcoming P90X:MC2 program.  I explained to them that I had decided to try and roll my own workouts with what I had learned, and I realized that a lot of that had come from Insanity.  So I decided to write this entry – what I learned from doing Insanity.

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Insanity Review Part 2 – Second Half Wrap-Up

I laid on the floor, a sweaty, quivering mess.  My mouth was salty with the taste of my sweat.  Or was it tears?  Or blood?  I didn’t truly know.  Winston stood over me, smiling a cruel smile.  On his head he was sporting lime green troll hair, and he was wearing a tiki icon around his neck.  The tiki icon reminded me of the one from the Brady Bunch.  In one hand he held a trident, in the other he was palming Shaun T’s severed head like a basketball.  He said “Congrats, it is finished”, then laughed maniacally.  Was I dreaming?  No, I finished Insanity.

This will be my review of the second half of the Insanity workout.  For the first half, look here.

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So I went and added a fitness category.  And two sub-categories.

Well, that, and I posted here for the first time in like 10 months.  Seriously, I blog like Halley’s Comet.

The purpose of the fitness category is to start to chronicle what has been a new commitment I made to getting in shape.  The whole process started in January.  I’ve done running, I’m currently doing the Insanity Workout, and I’m exploring barefoot running.

We will see if I can attack this blog with a renewed vigor.