5 miles and Joe Biden

I just ran five miles.  And by just ran, I mean I’m still sitting here in my own funk.

To paraphrase Joe Biden, a politician I don’t care much for at all, this is a big effin’ deal.  NSFW language warning on the video below. Continue reading


On the pain of losing a friend…

Time heals all wounds.


I don’t think so.  About a month ago was the 1 year anniversity of my friend David’s death.  That actual day itself was really very busy for me, something that in hindsight I think may have been intentional.

What I realized is that I still miss the man.  A lot.  And the pain doesn’t seem to go away.

What I think though, is that you learn to live with it.  It becomes a constant reminder to you not of the loss in your life, but of what that person meant to you and the joy they brought while they were around.  Like an oyster wrapping a grain of sand in pearl, you wrap the pain up with all the joyful memories and eventually treasure it.