First off, I am a nobody.

I am not a personal trainer, a nutritionist, an expert anything.  I have no certifications in the realm of any form of health, exercise, food preparation, or anything of the like.  I am not an engineer.  I have no training on materials, construction, or anything else.

I’m just a guy who likes to read the Internet and try some of the things I find there.  And I’m apparently narcissistic enough to then write about myself and what I’ve tried.

So, when I write about these topics, I’m just sharing what has worked and hasn’t worked for me.  I’m as trustworthy as any of the other people you read on the Internet.  I’m not recommending that you do anything that I do.

Before you start any sort of diet or exercise program, speak with your doctor!  I cannot emphasize that enough, your doctor will have the best input on what you are capable of doing given the current state of your body.

If you mod something of yours like I did, you do it at your own risk.  If you try any of the exercises that I have done, you are doing that at your own risk.  If you try and change your diet to include anything that I’ve written about, you do it at your own risk.  You are responsible for your life, what goes in and out of your body, and what you do with your time and treasure.