Review: The GE Rocket Blender

Seriously, I found the best $20 impulse buy at Walmart, evah.  Not kidding.  And that’s saying a lot.

I’m talking about the GE Rocket Blender.  And its custom made for smoothie addicts like me.

I’ve been wearing this thing out.  Usually once, sometimes twice a day, I’ve been dumping yogurt, frozen fruit, milk, and sometimes chocolate protein powder into this and making fresh homemade smoothies.  Filling enough to be a meal replacement, quick enough to do on the way to work, and it only makes a one person mess.  The mess part is important, because I typically leave a trail of destruction behind me as I move through the world.

If you are doing a shake based meal replacement plan (like Shakeology), you should spend a few bones on this.

Here’s how it works – you dump the ingredients into the cup.  The blade attachment screws onto the top of the cup, then you invert the whole mess and put in into the base.  When you twist it into place the motor fires up and blends it up.  Once you unscrew the blade attachment, you can throw a black plastic ring on the cup to cover up the threads.  Not that they are a threat to slice your lips or anything.  Unless you gnaw on the cup, and then I can’t help you.

It also comes with a smaller cup and a different blade attachment for making salsa.  But I haven’t done that yet, since I’m fixated on smoothies and a salsa smoothie doesn’t sound appetizing.

So if you are looking for a something like the Magic Bullet (AS SEEN ON TV!) but don’t want to spend $100 on something, roll by the nearest Walmart and get one of these for $20.


Insanity Review Part 2 – Second Half Wrap-Up

I laid on the floor, a sweaty, quivering mess.  My mouth was salty with the taste of my sweat.  Or was it tears?  Or blood?  I didn’t truly know.  Winston stood over me, smiling a cruel smile.  On his head he was sporting lime green troll hair, and he was wearing a tiki icon around his neck.  The tiki icon reminded me of the one from the Brady Bunch.  In one hand he held a trident, in the other he was palming Shaun T’s severed head like a basketball.  He said “Congrats, it is finished”, then laughed maniacally.  Was I dreaming?  No, I finished Insanity.

This will be my review of the second half of the Insanity workout.  For the first half, look here.

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Why I post fitness things to Facebook

Early on I started posting fitness entries on Facebook.  The C25k app did so with just a click of a button.  And I started talking about my goals there.  One of my friends jokingly referred to it as “Shane’s daily fitness guilt trip” or something of the sort.

But that’s not why I do it.  Its a form of motivation for me.

Everyone knows now that I’m trying to become more fit and reach some achievable goals.  Everyone knows when I complete another C25k workout, or a milestone in the Insanity workout, or when I lose weight or gain muscle.

And more importantly, everyone will know if I quit.

I hate quitting.  I hate having to admit that I failed at something.  So when I’m standing there, not feeling good, trying to will myself to work out when I really don’t want to, I’m faced with a choice:

“What’s worse?  The workout I’m about to do, or admitting to the world that I failed.”

And then I work out.